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Servo Electric Door

Servo Electric Door Integrated Solution

Servo Electric Door Integrated Solution

Servo electric door system is a solution for IMM safety door control, including IS100 door machine driver and ISMD dedicated servo motor. It integrates door opening and closing logic control and motor drive control. The external system only needs to give the door opening and closing command to realize the control of the entire door system. It has the convenient characteristics of no wiring, no debugging, and fast and smooth control of adaptive door opening and closing.

Direct-Driven Servo Motor

??Direct-driven servo motor with encoder feedback. Direct drive-more sensitive and precise control; small size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance.


??The drive has a built-in programmable door opening and closing curve, which makes the IMM door run more smoothly. The built-in encoder can detect the current position. The door opening and closing curve can freely set 4 switching points: door opening limit, door opening deceleration, door closing deceleration and door closing limit. It can reduce the programming workload of the IMM computer.

Reliable Anti-Pinch Function

?? Reliable anti-pinch function, no need to install safety tape. Through the accurate detection of the motor torque, when the motor output torque reaches the set value, the door re-opening action can realize, thereby realizing anti-pinch protection.

? The system complies with the relevant requirements of the national standard GB-7588 of the elevator industry, and has passed the test of long-term mass use of the elevator door system. It fully complies with the new standard of injection molding machines in 2009. And the door width intelligent self-learning function saves two deceleration switches.

Built-in Encoder

? Built-in encoder, the drive only needs to do a door width self-learning when it is powered on for the first time, then the door width can be automatically recorded without manual setting. The limit position and deceleration position of the door can be set according to the door width, thereby reducing two deceleration proximity switches, reducing costs and two potential failure points.
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