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Multi-Group Machine

New Generation of Multi-group Extension Dedicated Control System
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New Generation of Multi-group Extension Dedicated Control System


A new generation of multi-group sub-control computer

? Professional: Digital adjustment, have action-specific buttons, with strong usability and easy for secondary adjustment

? Stable: Full servo platform, stable hydraulic power, precise turntable control

? Customizable: The corresponding injection mode can be used according to the process requirements of the machine to meet the customized needs of customers.

Advantages of Turntable

? Special control algorithm for turntable, automatic planning of working curve

? All series of medium inertia motors, fast positioning without overshoot

Easy Installation and Debugging

??Using communication encoder. The motor parameters can be read automatically, and no need to find the deceleration point of each station.

??The CAN communication method is convenient for installation and use. No need for complicated terminal wiring, which greatly reduces the difficulty of operation.

??The driver adopts the plug-type installation method, which is convenient and firm, and it improves the durability and system stability.?

Precise Temperature Control

? The panel adopts a new algorithm. After ten thousands of tests, the temperature control overshoot <3℃ for the first time, and the steady-state working fluctuation <±1℃.


??CPU control cycle ≤500μs, stable and of high quality
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