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IVenture Series

iVenture Series

Features of Precision Hydraulic Control System

iVenture Precision Hydraulic Control System

? Comparable with European sophisticated valve control technology


Platform - High Precision All -electric Servo Platform

? Perfect pressure control:Combined with the evolutionary thought of biological population, it realized pressure control self-tuning. The pressure overshoot is within 10bar, the steady-state fluctuation is within ±1bar, and the steady-state fluctuation in the low pressure area is ±0.2bar.

Algorithms - A New Generation of Mathematical Modeling

? Injection consistency:Cooperate with ES650 driver and corresponding motor, the injection performance can reach 0.1mm error.
? Mold opening accuracy:According to the dynamic model of the hydraulic machine, a new mold opening and closing strategy is formulated. Our mold opening overshoot is within 1mm, and the repeatability is within 2mm. The setting is simple. Generally, fast, smooth and precise mold opening can be easily achieved by adjusting the mold position and speed.

Appearance - Integrated mainstream design

? 10 inch/ 15 inch integrated vertical screen panel
? 15 inch: Two modes to choose from touch mode and non-touch mode
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