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iLink IoT Cloud Factory

Data-driven Productivity

Brief Description of System Scheme

In the future, industrial data analysis will play an increasingly important role in production. The immediacy and accuracy of the data largely affects the retrospective analysis of the data. Historical analysis based on past data will effectively improve production efficiency and the accuracy of production decisions. In addition, the future industrial intelligence will inevitably be accompanied by scene, subdivision and refinement. Different configurations applied in different scenarios must depend on the support of various industrial data.

Networking scheme topology

Machine + C-Box-Plus + A-Box Edge Computing Layer + Public Cloud →?Present iLink Cloud Factory

Advantages of System?

Assist in equipment monitoring, product analysis, production control and intelligent decision
? Save information feedback time and create a safe production environment.
? Decrease the manual supervision and reduce the frequency of manual supervision errors.
? Enhance the production efficiency of the enterprise, and make the order delivery more timely.
? Improve equipment utilization
? Improve enterprise management efficiency and optimize management process.

Multi-system Connection & Easy to Implement

? iLink cloud IoT system can realize wireless connection of multi-system and multi-area
? Multi-system: EST, T-system, K-system and other equipment interconnection
? Multi-region: domestic, foreign, and multi-factory coverage at the same time
? Wireless communication: no wiring required, signal guaranteed
? A-BOX: 50 units can be connected online
? C-BOX: Maximum radius of 50 meters

Facilitating Industrial Digitalization

? Solve the problem of network wiring in the workshop
? Mingle to solve the networking problem of all IMM in the workshop.
? API interface data transfer and forwarding
? Local server : OPC-US SERVER

Data Visualization

Mobile App, Web page, large-screen in workshop

The cloud factory adopts EST's unique intelligent manufacturing application system, which is constructed by industrial equipment data collection. It is committed to presenting and analyzing all aspects of information in the plastic factory workshop and provides production process monitoring and Forewarning for the production workshop.?
? Data-driven Productivity
? Data cloud connect with client terminal?
? Accurate data collection & Data statistics of each time period
? Complete IMM production network management solution
? Unified analysis and supervision of the basic information, fault conditions, operating data and other status information of the IMM.
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