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IDynamic Series

iDynamic Series IMM Control System

Focus on R&D, Extraordinary

iDynamic Series

? System Advantage: Create a cost-effective industry-specific machine with industry classic configuration and high-performance core.


Competitive Price with Superior Performance

? 2 key styles, with simple and versatile silver appearance, and can also be customized.
? The keys are easy to operate and can directly enter the system which saving time and reducing learning costs.
? The structure is exquisite, beautiful, safe and easy to use. Also with highly cost performance.

Fully Functional, Safe, Reliable and Durable

? Have complete functions, safe and reliable, with perfect safety protection design for industrial control scenarios.
? The wearing parts, such as the relay, adopt split groove design, which are easy to disassemble and maintain separately. They can be customized on demand or customized by customers.
? The temperature acquisition part adopts the design of heat insulation groove division, which improves the consistency and accuracy of the measurement results.

iDynamic Servo System

? Inovance Servo Drive-ES510, with high adaptability, high performance and low noise.
? Flow permanent magnet synchronous servo motor- EXD series, have strong adaptability in high torque environments.
? High pressure internal gear pump- EXD series, with low noise, the instantaneous pressure can up to 35Mpa.
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