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IDream Series

iDream Series All-Electric IMM Control System

Revolution- ushering in a new era of all-electric control

Advantages of iDream All-electric System?

? The EtherCat bus realizes the real-time data sharing of computer controllers, servo drives, and servo motors.
? iDream computer control system achieves a control cycle of 250us and the mechanical repeat control accuracy reaches 0.01mm.
? Support network expansion function which is convenient for data statistics of customers, products, and equipment operating conditions.
? It has a high-performance, high-response and low-inertia injection motor. The instantaneous overload torque is large which can meet the high-speed injection?technology.
? The system is more stable, faster and more accurate.

Features of iDream Computer Products

? The panel uses the vertical screen, with smooth lines and artistic appearance.
? Rich resources in I/O resources, communication bus, and analog which can meet the hardware resource configuration requirements of high-speed IMM and all-electric IMM.

Features of ES810 Drives

? The common DC bus drive system is composed of a unified rectifier and multiple inverters, which supports side-by-side installation and saves installation space.
? Equipped with Ethercat high-speed bus as standard. It can realize the real-time and large data volume requirements of high-speed data interaction between the external controller and the servo system and the internal system.
? It has 2-way STO safety function and can realize the internal bus network monitoring.

Features of All-electric Special Motor Products

? Used industry-leading IPM electromagnetic technology, it never demagnetization, with small current and ?light temperature increase.?
? 2.5 times overload torque design with high peak torque
? The whole series adopts 23bit encoder, and the control accuracy can reach one of 2^23
? Unique design of encoder anti-vibration structure. Anti-vibration grade 5G ?& Protection grade IP67.

Lane PBSK Series High Load Ball Screw

? High reliability: Lane PBS(K) series ball screws added cages between balls, special high-load materials, optimal channel curvature and the design of contact angle, which fully guarantees the bearing capacity and service life of the product.

? High speed: In occasions where continuous high-speed operation is required, through the special design of the circulation part and the large lead design, PBS(K) series ball screw can effectively guarantee the maximum Dn value of 140000 under the premise of load life.
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