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Ningbo EST Technology Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo EST Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Ningbo, a strong manufacturing city in Zhejiang Province. And it is a national high-tech enterprise with industrial control technology as the core. Since its establishment in 2002, EST has always been committed to the formation of professional industrial control solutions, enhance customers’ products value and grow together with customers.

Our products include?high-performance industrial computer, precision hydraulic servo control system, all-electric servo control system and IOT intelligent management system?ect.

Through 20 years of deep cultivation in the industry, EST has a great influence in the field of injection molding machine (IMM) control with its independent research and development capabilities , and also with its high-quality and efficient services. We have three series of IMM control computer products- iAction, iVenture and iDream. Our company's domestic market share?ranks No.1 among domestic-funded enterprises;The total market share of EST’s and parent company- Inovance Technology's (stock code: 300124) hydraulic servo control system?rank No.1 in the global industry.?Among them, the iVenture series of precision hydraulic IMM control system took the lead in breaking through the bottleneck of pump control. Its performance is comparable to international precision valve control, realizing an essential change in IMM control technology.

EST has an agile, efficient, collaborative and striving team, with?150?professional and technical personnel of various types. Among them, post-90s employees account for more than?60%. In addition to Ningbo headquarters, there are branches in Guangdong, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei and other regions to carry out business services for the whole country, and have a number of overseas service points.

In 2011, EST passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. In 2012, EST was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. In 2014, EST was recognized as a Municipal Enterprise Engineering Technology Center by Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau. In 2016, we were appointed as the deputy head unit of the Standard Working Group of Plastic Machinery and Electrical Systems (SAC/TC231/WG5) of the Standardization Technical Committee of China Industrial Machinery and Electrical Systems. By the end of 2020, EST has 10 authorized Invention Patents and 18 Utility Patents.

EST will fulfill the mission of "Promoting industrial change with expertise" through continuous innovation, and contribute to the development of China's industrial control.



Promoting Industrial Change with Expertise

? Based on computer technology
? Combine drives, motors, hydraulics, machinery, etc. to create value for society
? Committed to realizing the desire for a beautiful home and a better life


Become a First-Class Industrial Automation System Company with Strong Vitality

? With independent intellectual property rights and strong R & D strength
? Committed to the formation of professional industrial control solutions
? Create social value, while enhancing self-worth



Achievement of Customers, Sincerity and Trustworthiness, Open and Enterprising, Win-Win Cooperation

? Polish the product with concentration
? Maintain customers with sincerity
? Improve ourselves with perseverance

Why choose us?



Continuously create value for customers


Always in surpassing and innovation
Always in trying and breakthrough

Supply Chain

Keep ingenuity
Focus on details


Comprehensive coverage of service outlets to ensure a timely response to customers needs.


Sales and Service Staff


Served Customers


Successful cases

Ningbo EST Technology Co., Ltd.

Company History

Explore EST 's history of the continuous improvement, growth and innovation year by year.


EST headquarters new base was established in Ningbo Jiangbei High-tech Park

Launched the industry's first third-generation hydraulic servo control system which based on an all-electric platform and characterized by intelligent precision — iVenture System

Launched all-electric servo control system
Launched the first generation of industrial IOT intelligent management system
Cooperate with Inovance Technology to build the first brand of hydraulic servo in China.

The domestic market share of EST’s IMM control computer ranks No.1 among domestic-funded enterprises.

The total market share of EST’s and Inovance Technology's hydraulic servo control system ranks No.1 in the global industry.

Appointed as a member of the expert group of the Standard Working Group of Plastic Machinery and Electrical Systems (SAC / TC231 / WG5) of the China Industrial Machinery and Electrical System Standardization Technical Committee.

The first generation of hydraulic servo control system characterized by energy saving and environmental protection is launched.

Became the first company in the industry to use the ARM processor for IMM control computer.

EST’s first high-performance industrial control computer was born.
Company Name:
Ningbo EST Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 66, Pufeng Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China
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